About Us

Viajero Wholesale is a wholesale clothing supplier operating in the Philippines since 2011.

We offer a wide range of apparel for women, men and children that are proudly locally made. We also accept customized and made-to-order singlets, shirts and dresses.

Viajero Wholesale Store was conceptualized by an enterprising woman who has tried, failed and tried again putting up a solid business.

Spanning almost 30 years of venturing into business, starting at a very young age - selling vegetables, renting comics, retailing women's underwear, selling processed meats, internet cafe, retailing children's clothes and shoes, participating in bazaars and finally online selling that started with Christmas decors in 2010.

Using the powerful tool of the net, Viajero Online Wholesale Store was launched in Facebook on 2011. In a span of almost two months, this online wholesale store has served online sellers, RTW store owners and most surprisingly big accounts in the garments industry.

It is because...Viajero Wholesale is TRULY AN ONLINE WHOLESALE DEALER.